Australian Football Consortium
Investment Opportunity Creating Australia's First English Premier League Club

Australian Football Consortium Ltd

The Australian Football Consortium has been established to acquire an underperforming English football team with a view to elevating the club back to the Premier League.

In 2016 AFC commissioned Deloitte’s Football Business Group in Manchester to conduct a feasibility study on our project and identify clubs that fit our criteria.

Our goal is quite simple: To rebuild the club that we acquire and over time, attempt to elevate it to the Premier League. Of this we are resolute. Winning is important to us. However, winning only occurs when a sporting organisation has the best people, processes and governance in place. As a result, AFC intend to incorporate the very best local, Australian and global sports leadership, psychology, coaching, data analytics, management and science to ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our quest to achieve our goal. It is AFC’s intention to inject significant funds to ensure that this occurs.

A critical component of AFC’s strategy will be to invest heavily into the training facility so that the club can attract and develop local talent and provide them with the opportunity to represent their club at a senior level.

It is also important to note that AFC is keenly aware and understands the importance of the fans in English football. We are committed to our responsibility to honour and respect the history and tradition of the club and ensure that the fans are respected as key stakeholders in the process.

AFC’s expert advisory team includes some of the most respected names in Australian sport. These experts have committed their time, free of charge, because they believe wholeheartedly in the validity of the project.

We believe that this is a good news story for Australia, the UK and all football lovers because we know that with the right ownership and leadership, it is possible to restore a winning culture to a club for the benefit of the fans, the local community and to help grow support for the club further afield.

Strong football relationships already exist between Australia and the UK and we believe this well-constructed project will only strengthen these over time.

We remain hopeful of being able to conclude a deal in due course but we will not be making any statements or comments until a deal is completed.